Eric L. Ostrom
South Denver Area


I am an experienced and certified Linux system administrator and Perl programmer who can help you to design, automate, and manage your Linux systems. I am interested in a long term tech-lead or management level position.





Software and Operating Systems

Operating Systems
Novell SuSE, Red Hat, CentOS, XCP (Xen Cloud Platform), Microsoft Server 2003

Perl/CGI, Apache, MySQL, MS SQL 2005, PostgreSQL, RCS, Git, Cygwin, Bash, Ksh, Csh, Visio, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Samba, NFS, XFS, DHCP, DNS, Kickstart (KS), PXE, raid/mdadm, SAR, dbx, gdb, C, make, GPG/PGP, GeckoBoard.

Professional Experience

Professional Services
Onward Technologies
Centennial, CO (July 2013 - Present)

Contractor providing administration and programming services for Pearson Learning Technologies.

Professional Services
CSU Industries
New York, NY (May 2013 - June 2013)

Contract Linux Administrator for CSU Industries.

  • Assisting an industrial company to connect their finance system to a bank's finance system through the use of PKI infrastructure (PGP).
  • Setup Git Server and user accounts.
  • Setup Yum server/clients for PXE builds and maintaining operations.
  • Established and setup MySQL server and tables.
  • Setup Perl/CGI front end for communicating with a MySQL server.

System Architect
Sun Plus Data Group
Lakewood, CO (Sept 2012 - Mar 2013)

Contract Linux Systems Engineer and Architect for the Dept. of Interior supporting a Novell SuSE Linux compute cluster.

  • Responsible for upgrading system, capacity planning, security, and disaster recovery.
  • Administering Novell SuSE Linux super computer cluster and storage.
  • Provide documentation on all aspects of the cluster infrastructure.
  • Re-established NFS server and clients after NFS server crash.
  • Wrote backup scripts and restored files to an XFS file system on a Promise array.

Systems Engineer
Insight Global
Englewood, CO (July 2012 - Sept 2012)

Contract Linux Systems Engineer and Technical Lead to McAfee.

  • Technical lead for Amazon Elastic Cloud project.
  • Assisted business analyst in Postini migration project.
  • Reviewed firewall settings (security group) and updated on Amazon AWS.
  • Created access documents for level/tier 3/4 production support groups.
  • Deprovisioned long haul NFS mounts on Linux systems and established regional/local NFS mounts increasing speed and performance.

Systems Engineer
Broomfield, CO (April 2011 - January 2012)
Full Time Employee

Systems Engineer performing various infrastructure engineering efforts.

  • Setup and configured Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) for enterprise system.
  • Setup and configured DHCP, Kickstart, and PXE servers for automated system builds.
  • Established YUM repositories used in conjunction with the kickstart server.
  • Used Perl to update hundreds of MySQL database records.
  • Created templates for auto creation of virtual hosts.
  • Configured Linux and Windows hosts in support of Presilient's software stack.
  • Migrating services from remote data center to in-house data center.
  • Documenting architecture, infrastructure items, and software configuration.

Systems Engineer
Threshold Placement Services
Littleton, CO (March 2011)
Short Term Contract

Contract Systems Engineer for Oil and Gas Seismic Analysis Company, setup a clustered NAS using SCALE® equipment.

  • Setup and configured SCALE® Computing servers (clustered NAS environment).
  • Setup Apache server and Samba share for internal IT documentation.
  • Provided system analysis report for improving enterprise computing environment.

Systems Engineer
Colorado Springs, CO (May 2010 - December 2010)

Systems Engineer supporting and producing content for an HPSA (opsware) application for Wells Fargo.

  • Responsible for fixing Red Hat patching within the HPSA application.
  • Wrote Perl script to restore unique permissions to over 5,000 files.
  • Established and documented best practices for creating Red Hat software policies for deploying RPMs to over 6000 servers.
  • Modified rhn_import auto generated software policies to have the "repo.restrict" mechanism as part of best practice.
  • Helped troubleshoot RPM inconsistencies with system administrators.
  • Installed Novell ZLM agents and performed system upgrades with ZLM.
  • Provided recommendations for support of patching process.

Linux Systems Engineer
Akamai Technologies
Englewood, CO (July 2007 - November 2008)
Full Time Employee

Linux System Administrator and Programmer for content delivery network.

  • Wrote Linux/Perl/XML monitoring script that launched failed processes and sent notification.
  • Wrote Linux init scripts to standardize support environment.
  • Configured/Installed SSL certificates for Linux/Apache.
  • Programmatically restarted services using Expect.
  • Configured around 400 Linux hosts to be under Akamai's authentication and ACL.
  • Loaded Linux OS images to host machines via PXE server.
  • Created an optimized Cygwin package for sshd deployment on Windows servers.
  • Configured Linux and Windows hosts to authenticate with SSH keys.

Senior Application Analyst
JPMorgan Chase
Houston, TX (October 2006 - March 2007)
Full Time Employee

Analyst on Foreign Exchange trading system using Murex and Sybase.

  • Co-developed Perl based AIX Jabber logging client.
  • Loaded Sybase databases.
  • Wrote Perl script to check on profit and loss calculations.
  • Wrote flexible process script to perform various maintenance tasks.
  • Supported the application using Big Brother.
  • Performed database dumps
  • Contributed documentation to support the application.

Operating Systems Architect
LSG Technologies
Englewood, CO (March 2006 - May 2006)
Short Term Contract

DoD TriCare Management Authority re-platform project at Lockheed Martin Information Technology. Migration of a Windows based system to a UNIX based environment.

  • Contributed to the development of the current state analysis report. Report involved analysis of existing infrastructure supporting Oracle Federal Financials (OFF) including Windows 2000 Server environment, network architecture, storage area network (SAN), DoD security requirements, and organizational support structures.
  • Outlined operating environment, network, SAN, security, and support requirements for a UNIX or Linux based future state infrastructure.
  • Researched requirements for re-platforming OFF to Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Linux.
  • Analyzed surrounding IT infrastructure and operating environment for OFF Lockheed Martin business component.
  • Collaborated on the development of a high-level transition plan to re-platform OFF in a UNIX/Linux environment.
  • Provided deliverable document of future state design.

System Administrator
L3 Titan Corporation
Colorado Springs, CO (September 2003 - September 2005)
Full Time Employee

Production support and software development.

  • Installed Solaris patches, upgraded application, backed up system to tape.
  • Analyzed STIGs for system compliance or modified system to be compliant.
  • Provided user support for collaboration tool.
  • Maintained and developed SharePoint Team Services website.
  • Established Backup/Restore procedures for a SharePoint Team Services site.
  • Developed script (Perl) to find all subwebs on an STS site saving the company approximately 2 weeks of man hours every time the data was needed.
  • Developed exam and certification process to assist in the training of new hires.

Senior Programmer Analyst
FedEx Corporate Services
Colorado Springs, CO (August 1999 - September 2003)
Full Time Employee

Developed, maintained, and supported NetReturn web-based returns management system.

  • Lead developer of NetReturn API.
  • Technical lead for OS upgrade from Solaris 2.6 to 2.8.
  • Designed and developed P2D interface for use in NetReturn. This interface represents an enterprise to enterprise communication layer, enabling FedEx to talk to RPS (FedEx Ground).
  • Primary configuration management analyst and developer of all CM tools.
  • Wrote all configuration management tools in Perl for development group.
  • Reverted entire production system back to previous code freeze label. This saved the entire project from having to spend time to backtrack and re-enter code.
  • Developed Java based transaction client (GUI) routing to NetReturn API.
  • Developed Perl/Linux test tool to generate/configure data for use with Java API transaction client. Designed client to monitor hardware and software availability.
  • Designed, developed, maintained group website.
  • Re-designed and coded migration software for unit, integration, and production levels.
  • Load-Master for all production releases.
  • Production Support of Solaris and Sybase systems.

UNIX Software Developer
Tek Systems
Denver, CO (May 1998 - May 1999)

Streamlined software processes for telecommunications company.

  • Developed enterprise wide script (ksh) to warn of limited disk space on Unix mounts.
  • Researched Call Data Records to improve archival of CDR's.
  • Modified a program to additionally check the binary integrity of an AMA file.
  • Designed a web based (CGI) file extraction lookup for internal help-desk. This made for faster customer support, saving the company thousands of dollars.

Technical Consultant
Analyst International Corporation
Denver, CO (October 1997 - February 1998)
Short Term Contract

Analyze and remediate software for Y2K conversion.

  • Subject Matter Expert on Y2K refactoring strategies.
  • Installed/Configured Exceed software for Y2K remediation group.

Programmer Analyst
ITT Space Systems Division
Colorado Springs, CO (September 1995 - September 1997)
Full Time Employee

Enhance KSAT and VSAT software modeling software (C-based).

  • Analyzed and modified satellite view-angle module.
  • Maintained and enhanced war game simulator in VSAT (Visual Scenario Analysis Tool).
  • Debugged core files (via dbx) and fixed memory leaks in program.
  • Setup hardware and software for KSAT/Astrodynamics demos.
  • Designed and developed a declassification program for a UNIX environment.
  • Wrote technical manual to run UNIX tcsh/csh script to declassify code.
  • Converted Binary executable to new ELF format in IRIX 5.3.
  • Maintained and administered software development environment.

Battelle Pacific North Labs
Richland, WA (1995)

Studied wavelet theory and its possible application to the analysis of the effects of anesthesia on the brain.



B.S. Applied Mathematics with minor in Computer Science
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - College of Engineering (1987-1992)

Graduate Coursework

University of Iowa - Dept. of Mathematics (1992-1994)
Group Theory, Analysis I, Analysis II, Differential Equations, Matrix Theory, Topology, Abstract Algebra

Colorado State University at Ft.Collins - Dept. of Computer Science (2005)
Parallel Programming